End of Hiatus

I recently got an email asking me to approve a comment on this blog, and I realized that I’d quite neglected it for the last year and a half. Since I’ve actually made significant progress on my path to space in the intervening time, I have decided to begin writing here again.

Earlier this year, I learned of a new, little-known opportunity to commission with the US Air Force. The Technical Degree Sponsorship Program, or TDSP, allows electrical and computer engineering majors within two years of graduation to enlist in the Air Force and earn pay and benefits as Airmen 1st Class while completing their degrees. After graduation, TDSP Airmen are ordered to Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB, where they earn a commission as 2d Lt, and attend technical school at Wright-Patterson AFB to become 62E Developmental Engineers.

I applied, and was selected, for the 2012 TDSP board, and after a summer filled with paperwork, visits to MEPS, and trips to offices on the far side of the moon (okay, maybe just the far side of LA County) I am finally an active duty Airman. As my time progresses, and I gain insight into the Air Force and its spacefaring ways, I’ll post more here. In the mean time, expect more updates on fitness, school, engineering, and of course, General Spacey Goodness.

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