Technical Difficulties, &c

The following is a post that I intended to put up two weeks ago today; I don’t know how I neglected to do it, but I did.

My laptop has been out of commission for about a week (thanks, faulty power supply!) but the new power supply is here and working now, so we’re back in business. I’ll use this post to bring everything back up to date, and then we’ll continue normally afterward.

In TWIF, I’ve continued the walking, but the condition of my shoes isn’t conducive to actual jogging or running. Fortunately, tax return season is coming up, and with it perhaps a new pair of running shoes.

In the HSAC world, we’ve begun cutting foam to build our half-scale wind tunnel model. There were a few technical difficulties (a transformer let out the magic smoke, for one thing) but we are now the proud owner-operators of one fully-functional foam cutter; the wing pieces are cut. Happily, we were able to trade with another club, and now have about 3 m2 of pre-impregnated carbon fiber, which is going to save us some time and effort during construction.

Lastly, in the General Spacy Goodness category, Space Shuttle Discovery has returned home after completing her final mission with NASA. NASA has repeatedly indicated their intention to put the remaining shuttles into museums, and it looks like Discovery will be living in the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian. Next up is the Endeavor, flying STS-134 under the command of Mark Kelly, the husband of the Arizona Congresswoman who was attacked in January; after Endeavor’s mission, Space Shuttle Atlantis will fly the final space shuttle mission before the program is completely retired.

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