This Week in Fitness #1

This Week in Fitness will be a weekly segment reviewing my work to get into flying shape. Though I planned to have it posted on Sunday, life intervened and so we’ll talk about it today.

A NASA astronaut is required to undergo a comprehensive physical. Pilot astronauts must pass the Class I physical; mission specialists (i.e., everyone else) must pass the Class II physical. These are defined by federal regulations under CFR part 67, and can be found at this handy website. I don’t plan to go for a pilot’s spot, mostly because they mainly go to military pilots (it’s hard to get supersonic jet pilot time as a civilian); so, I’m going for the Part II requirements.

In addition (and this is really the meat of my fitness goal), I’m going to prepare for this as though I were preparing for military boot camp; specifically, I’m going to proceed as though I were going to join the US Marine Corps. This means I’m going to aim for the following minimum goals:

  • 15 pullups
  • 75 sit ups in 2 minutes
  • 3-mile run in 22:10 or less

These numbers are derived from MCO P6100-12 (warning, 2 MB pdf), the Marine Corps Order that defines the requirements for the semi-annual physical fitness test; this performance is the minimum needed to earn a First Class fitness classification for the youngest (and most fit) group.

To train for these goals, I’ll eventually be joining a gym (likely the fitness center at my school), but for now I’m going to work towards the goal of being able to run three miles, beginning by running a mile daily, supplemented by biking to and from school. I’ll also seek the advice of my younger brother, who as of this writing is a Marine LCpl.

I’ll see you all again on Sunday for another This Week in Fitness.

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